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Persona 4 Meme BIG SPOILERS by NextTrickAnvils Persona 4 Meme BIG SPOILERS by NextTrickAnvils
So I finished Persona 4 back in December, found this and I just had to fill it out.


We good? Okay!

1. I really did enjoy most of the characters but if I had to pick favorites they would be Yosuke, Teddie, Kanji.

I know Yosuke can be a dick at times and tends to do some rather questionable actions (I.E buying Yukiko and Chie swimsuits for the campout.) I won't deny that and I understand why some people can't get past that.

For me: I like Yosuke because I think he's a great friend, smarter than most people give him credit for, funny, and through his social link he does become less of a dick (yeah he does still act like a jerk in the main story but I think that's more Atlus didn't want to spring any SUPRISE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT for people who didn't do or were slowly going through the social link)

I liked Teddie at first because he was cute and funny. His constant attempts to "score" with the girls reminded me of a little kid who saw something on T.V and then repeats it constantly because hey it sounded cool! I never expected to CRY over this character. I felt so bad when he went through his existential crisis and I was close to sobbing during the scene in Velvet Room. So yeah I love Teddie because he's cute, funny, and had some surprising character development for a comedy relief character.

Finally Kanji. What do I say about Kanji that hasn't been said before? He's sympathetic, funny (are you noticing a trend here?), and just endearing especially during his social link and his scenes with Naoto. :)

2. I admit to having a soft spot for tomboy characters so that kind of contributes to why I love Chie so much. But I also find her to be a fun character, I admire her desire to protect others, I find her to be really relatable, and on a more shallow note: I think she's cute.

NANAKO! OH GOD SHE IS THE MOST ADORABLE THING TO HAVE EVER ADORABLE'D. Okay seriously I love Nanako, she's probably one of the most well-written kid characters I've seen in a game with a good mix of childishness and maturity. I just got so ridiculously attached to her especially during her social link. In case you're wondering: I teared up when she died and freaking sobbed when she came back to life.

3. Adachi is quite possibly one of the most vile villains I've seen in a video game. I admit that I was caught a little off-guard by his sexism but it certainly made me cringe and want to hit the guy more. Not to mention the way he treats the killings like a game and how he felt about Namatame's efforts to "save" the victims. To me when a villain gets you pissed off over the things he's done, that means the writing has done its job and got you hooked on the story.

As for the fight itself: Yeah he's a little easy if you got the right personas but the build-up to the fight is great and it is just satisfying as hell. Then you have the even more satisfying fight with Ameno-Sagiri (which I was too lazy to draw.)

Shadow!Naoto was probably my favorite of the IT shadows both in terms of character and fight. I can't help but love how she switches between sobbing child and great big ham. With the fight I love that she's a boss that thinks: you got Kanji in your party? Well get ready for some Garudyne sucker! You brought Chie instead? Have some Agidyne. Not to mention I really, really like her boss design.

4. Yeah I like KanjixNaoto. I think it's cute, not to mention that I think they balance each other rather well. :heart:

5. Grrr Fishing Mini Game. It wasn't so much of a pain until I had to do it to max out the Hermit link. For the record: No I never caught the guardian.

On the one hand I can understand why they did this: it's to make sure players actually bother with those stats and to make sure they don't just plow through the social links. But it was more than a little frustrating when I lacked both the expression to continue Nanako's social link and the understanding for Dojima's. Oh and of course having to have max courage to even start Naoto's. I WAS SO CLOSE! :shakefist:

6. I feel like I'm kind of cheating on this one. I mean do they even appear outside Yosuke's social link? I could have put down any of the usual suspects but to be honest...

I don't really hate Mitsuo, rather I pity him. I admit that I hated Morooka on my first playthrough but as big of an asshole as he was, no one deserves to get murdered and watching my boyfriend play the game, I actually find Morooka kind of funny now. Kashiwagi, though she gives me the creeps, again I more pity her than hate her. I didn't go through Ai's social link but I heard she gets better as you going through it. I don't think Saki deserves a lot of the hate she gets. Finally I have mixed feelings on Hanako, on the one hand: I have to roll my eyes at the writers going for the easy "lol fat people" jokes. But on the other hand: she is still a rather unpleasant person. :\

But these two? I absolutely find them annoying and obnoxious. Plus it doesn't help that they remind me of some girls I knew in high school so there's an element of drudging up bad memories.

7. Yeah cliche answer is cliche. From what I heard this fight is a lot easier if you have Black Frost. But I didn't so this fight was a great big pain in the ass. Also yes the weirdly drawn Yu in the corner is me trying to copy the "gettin real tired of your shit" meme.

9. Okay, okay I have a reason for this. Something I don't think was ever mentioned in the game but I always kind of wondered was how did Yosuke convince his parents to let Teddie stay at the house? One (joking) theory: Teddie tried to use his Bishie Sparkles on Yosuke's mom much to the horror of Yosuke. XD


Well if you're still here after all that. Hope you got a laugh out of this. Like I said: I tag anybody who wants to do this! :)

Persona 4 and all its characters (C) Atlus Games
skywolf666 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist Writer

I absolutely loved beating the tar out of Adachi. I was so overlevelled that it took the challenge out of the game, but then again, Ameno Sagiri came and decided I was having too much fun... -grunts-

Nice meme! :3
counyu Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
fffffff I stayed up all night trying to catch Guardian, I swear I almost broke my arm when I had him. Ha ha I screamed at like 5 in the morning after getting him lol and ck shadow mitsuo, I love that kid to bits though

and namatame fff cute old man eue
Descending-dragon Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
nice choices i like what you chose for your worst character XD
i may be doing this in the near future ~~~
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